Counter Display AMICI Cosmetics

As a reseller for AMICI Cosmetics, you can take advantage of our high-end counter display which includes 20 refillable brushes of your own choosing and 5 packages of brush heads. This impressive display will showcase the versatility and quality of AMICI Cosmetics’ refillable brushes and help attract customers to your store.

With a wide range of refillable brush options, you can customize the display to meet the unique needs of your customers. Whether they’re looking for a foundation brush, sunscreen brush or tanning oil applicator, AMICI Cosmetics has you covered. The refillable aspect of these brushes not only makes them eco-friendly but also offers a cost-effective solution for your customers.

In addition to the refillable brushes, the counter display also includes 5 packages of brush heads, ensuring that your customers can keep their brushes fresh and hygienic. These brush heads are easy to replace, making them a convenient option for your customers who are always on the go.

By featuring the AMICI Cosmetics counter display in your store, you’ll not only be offering your customers a premium product line but also demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your store’s offerings and stand out from the competition.

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Attention all beauty resellers!

Attention all beauty resellers! Elevate your store’s offerings with AMICI Cosmetics high-end counter display featuring 20 refillable brushes of your own choosing and 5 packages of brush heads. Show your customers your commitment to quality and sustainability while increasing your revenue. Contact us today to become a reseller and take advantage of this exclusive offer!