Protection in One Brush Stroke: AMICI Cosmetics Refillable Brush – Brush on Block!


Applying your cosmetics from foundations to facial oils without too much hassle? And what about applying sunscreen without getting greasy hands and missing tricky spots? With the AMICI Refillable Brush on Block, that’s possible! These refillable brushes have an internal tube with a replaceable brush head that is suitable for your liquid cosmetics and sunscreen products. All you have to do is choose your favorite design and fill the tube.

The adventure began when Samantha van Maurik decided she had enough of the endless struggle to apply sunscreen to her children from head to toe every summer day. She heard about a handy life hack that involved applying sun protection easily with a makeup brush. Unfortunately, this was far from ideal as the sunscreen often slipped off the brush, leaving you with too much sunscreen and a dirty brush. However, the idea kept nagging at her, and after several attempts, the long-awaited solution finally came two years later: the AMICI Refillable Brush. A Brush on Block.


The AMICI Refillable Brush accommodates 30ml of liquid cosmetics or sunscreen. With its compact design, you can take the refillable brush with you everywhere, making it ideal for vacations, winter sports, or even a quick touch-up on the terrace. You fill the AMICI Refillable Brush with your favorite product, and then easily apply the cosmetics or sunscreen to your skin. The soft, fine bristles of the brush head ensure even distribution of your foundation or sunscreen on the skin. No more smearing with your fingers, and no more sticky hands after application. And if you’re a fan of self-tanners but worried about orange hands, the AMICI Refillable Brush on Block is also suitable for liquid self-tanners.


The high-quality synthetic fibers of the AMICI Refillable Brush on Block are hypoallergenic, vegan, and gentle enough for anyone with sensitive skin, eczema, and acne. To extend the brush’s lifespan, the brush head is removable. This allows you to easily clean the refillable brush, ensuring that the use of the AMICI Refillable Brush on Block is always hygienic. Don’t worry if the brush head is worn out because replacement brush heads are available separately.


AMICI Cosmetics is a Dutch brand located in Veenendaal. The name AMICI, which means ‘friends’ in Italian, was chosen because our Refillable Brushes are the best friend for your skin and suitable for the whole family. Our refillable brush is available in as many as 12 different designs. We offer 4 trendy pastel colors that are in fashion right now. Additionally, we have 8 other unique designs to choose from. Whether you prefer subtle pastel shades or a more striking design, we have something for everyone. This way, you can fully express your personal style while enjoying the functional and high-quality products we offer.

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