Solmates and Your Sunscreen

Solmates your sunscreen
We’ve always aimed for our Solmate applicator to be sunscreen-agnostic, seamlessly integrating into your lifestyle and preferences. This means you can easily incorporate your favorite sunscreen into your routine by purchasing it in bulk, filling and refilling your Solmate, eliminating the need for small, single-use bottles – a definite win!
We receive numerous inquiries about which sunscreens are compatible with our Solmates. After all, no one wants to invest in a Solmate only to discover their preferred sunscreen doesn’t work with it!
While we’ve designed the applicator to accommodate a wide range of sunscreens, it’s essential to acknowledge the variability in formulations across the market. As a result, some sunscreens may perform better than others in our Solmates.
To address this, we’ve compiled a summary of the sunscreens we’ve tested thus far. While this list isn’t exhaustive, we’ve prioritized testing sunscreens available in larger bottles with an SPF of at least 30. We’ll continue to expand this list as we conduct more tests.

Important Considerations:

  1. Solmates are most effective when used with cream and lotion-based sunscreens.
  2. This also applies to mineral (zinc-based) sunscreens, although extremely thick formulations may pose a slight challenge. Below, we offer some suggestions on how to address this issue.
  3. It’s crucial to note that Solmates are not suitable for use with liquid spray or very thin/runny sunscreens. Our seals and the gap around the ball are specifically designed to accommodate a slightly thicker cream consistency. Therefore, you may experience some leakage with overly thin or liquid sunscreens.
  4. When sunscreens are exposed to heat, they can undergo changes in consistency, becoming excessively liquid and runny. This may result in temporary leakage under certain conditions until the sunscreen returns to its original consistency. Please be aware that sunscreens should be stored in cool conditions whenever possible, as exposure to high temperatures can also impact their effectiveness.

Chemical Sunscreens that love Solmates

Examples of the chemical sunscreens we have tested and know work well are:




Ombra Sunscreen – all types

Banana Boat

All Lotion types (not spray)

Bondi Sands

Coconut Beach, Sport

Cancer Council

Kids, Active, Sport, Watersport, Everyday


Everyday Lotion


Sensitive Sun


Sunscreen Dry Touch


Sensitive, Active Family

La Roche Posay

Anthelios Wet Skin

Le Tan

Coconut, Watermelon 

Mecca Cosmetica

To Save Body


Beach Defence

Standard Procedure


Sun Bum


Ultra Violette

Extreme Screen

We are Feel Good

Signature, Coconut, Kakadu Plum, Sensitive, Wild Rosella


Everyday Lotion

Mineral  Sunscreens

We also know many  of you love mineral (zinc-based) sunscreens. The zinc-based sunscreens we’ve tested that work in our Solmates are:



Bondi Sands

Mineral Zinc

Ethical Zinc

Natural Clear Zinc

Invisible Zinc

Face and Body

Key Sun

Clear Zinke

Little Urchin

Natural Clear Zinc




Mineral Zinc

Wot Not

Natural Sunscreen


Mineral Sunscreens that have a tricky Solmates relationship

Unfortunately some of the very thick mineral sunscreens / sun butters do not work well in our Solmates as the sunscreen tends to stick to the sides of the applicator and not fall well onto the roller ball.  

Examples of the sunscreens that don’t work well are:  




Clear Zinc 



Surf Mud

Natural Zinc 

Tips for Zinc-based or Thicker Sunscreens:

  1. Consider storing the Solmate upside down or flipping it before use to ensure that the sunscreen easily reaches the roller ball.
  2. Maintain a relatively full Solmate to ensure a consistent presence of sunscreen on the roller ball end.
  3. Some customers have found success by mixing a small amount of liquid coconut oil with their zinc-based sunscreens to facilitate smoother application onto the roller ball. However, exercise caution if you decide to alter the composition of your sunscreen.

We hope these tips prove helpful! If your preferred sunscreen isn’t listed here, please reach out to us at, and we’ll be sure to include it in our testing process.