(€400-€700 monthly purchases)

reward box valued at €125



(€701-€1000 monthly purchases)

reward box valued at €175



(€1001-€2000 monthly purchases)

reward box valued at €250


€6001 + /quarter

receive an uptown rewards box

+ 5% return on quarterly purchases for 1 flexible benefits order

Terms and conditions:

1.In order for a Store to qualify, store must accept all terms and conditions stated here in.

2. Sales are reported by your distribution partner and then reported to AMICI.

3. Store understands designated qualifying levels mentioned above (downtown, midtown, uptown, jewel).

4.This form must be received by AMICI for inclusion in this program.

5.Reward boxes are shipped by salon’s distributor within 30-45 days after the conclusion of the preceding quarter.

6.AMICI will include your salon on its Store locator.


7.This program may be canceled or changed by AMICI at any time.

8. Store must purchase a minimum of EUR €1200 a quarter of AMICI Products. This is a continuing obligation. If Store fails to meet the minimum purchase for a period of two (2) quarters, the Store will lose its status in the Loyalty Program, and would have to maintain a minimum average purchase of at least EUR €1200 for a period of one (1) quarter to re-qualify.

9. Questions about Jewel benefits? email